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Finding the perfect laser,
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Use the same laser projectors as today’s leading professionals and events.

David Guetta



Imagine Music Festival

Electric Zoo

Lady Gaga


Marriott Hotels

Our process guarantees you get the best laser systems for your needs, at an unbeatable price point.

Industry leading laser technology!

Learn why clients just like you, trust Pangolin’s Laser Systems.

Brighter laser beams, 
millions of color combinations

Premium laser sources with custom optics ensure a tighter and brighter laser beam. Analog electronics allow you to produce millions of color combinations.

Sharper laser graphics, 
logos, and text

Incredibly sharp laser graphics, logos and text.
Your laser animations will look better than ever before.

Laser control, however you like it

These lasers can be easily be controlled via network,
DMX, ArtNet, ILDA 
or in stand-alone mode.

Built for life on the road

Robust IP54 and IP65 rated housings with sealed modules and electronics protect your lasers, and allow you to use them in any environment.

Lasers that last longer

Our lasers last well beyond normal industry averages, because we protect them with the patented LASORB device. This ensures your laser is protected from ESD and power surges, which are two of the leading 
causes of premature laser failure.

Certified and compliant

All lasers are certified with US, EU and other International regulations.
We will also assist with the filing of your laser show variance (if you are in the USA).

David Guetta

ClubMAX 1800 and 3000


David Guetta and his team use ClubMAX lasers at a variety of indoor festivals and events taking place worldwide.

Microsoft Windows 10 Logo


ClubMAX 6000


Adam LaBay of Future Weapons Lighting used the ClubMAX 6000 to design the new Windows 10 desktop logo.

Imagine Music Festival

 ClubMAX 3000, 6000 and Spectrum 20


For the Imagine Music Festival, Full Color Lasers  used a combination of ClubMAX 3000, 6000 and Spectrum 20 lasers.

Ultra Music Festival

ATOM Tour 12


The Ultra Music Festival was powered by the new ATOM 12 Lasers with integrated FB4. Show performance by Effetto Laser.

See what real clients have to say about Pangolin Laser Systems

Adam LaBay – Lighting Designer, San Francisco, CA

I have purchased several laser systems from Pangolin, and I am very impressed with this what I’ve received. The beam profiles on the laser systems they helped me purchase are tighter and brighter, with clean color mixing all around. And the ScannerMAX Compact-506 optical scanning systems inside maintain image integrity even when doing complex graphics. We had an opportunity to really stress test these lasers while making the YouTube Music Awards and they handled everything we threw at them without issue. These lasers out perform all other lasers we’ve seen. I plan on ordering more of these through Pangolin, as the quality is unbeatable, and especially at such a great prices!

Brooks Palmer – Full Color Lasers, Tampa, FL

Here at FullColorlasers.com, we were looking for the perfect laser systems for small and medium size venues. We wanted good quality as we got burned from a few other suppliers, pushing product that didn’t meet our standards. As we worked with Pangolin for many years, we decided to try their lasers as well.  They were great, and the team at Pangolin worked with us hand in hand, to find the best lasers to meet our needs. We’ve since purchased eight more lasers from them! We’re very happy with the service they’ve provided, and the lasers they helped us get have more bang for the buck, than anything else we’ve worked with so far. Oh, and the prices… Fantastic! Just like they say, Quality Lasers, Affordable Prices, First Class Support. Give the network a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Kelvin Alakh – Lighting Designer, Singapore and Asia Pacific

Pangolin has always been a great company to work with. So when I heard they were offering lasers, I decided to give them a try. I have a lot of experience in the laser industry, as I’ve worked for many of Asia’s leading laser production firms. Because of my background, I already knew a lot about lasers, specifications, control, etc. so I was curios to see what the network could really offer. Well, they do not disappoint, lets say that much! Pangolin helped pair me up with a fantastic deal on some really high quality 20W systems, that were perfect for our upcoming festival season and some permanent installations we had taking place in Asia. I highly recommend them!

Kelly Hamilton – Lady Light Creations, Las Vegas, NV

I have been working with laser projectors for years, and have used systems from a wide-variety of manufacturers. I was recently looking for something new, to incorporate into my “Lasergirl” act, that I perform in Las Vegas and around the country. After speaking with Pangolin, they helped pair me up with a fantastic laser projector, that was exactly what I was looking for – And at a GREAT price! Not only was the system very high quality, but they were able to get it to me very quickly as well, with ample time to incorporate it into my show. I would definitely recommend them when looking to buy a laser. Great people, great products, and great support!


Our team of laser experts is here to help ensure you get the right laser equipment for your specific needs.

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