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A Message to Laser Manufacturers

The Pangolin Projector Referral Network seeks to grow the laser industry as a whole in a positive
way, by offering clients quality lasers to clients, at affordable prices, that are backed up with
first-class support and service. Below you read more about the benefits of
listing your lasers, with the Pangolin Projector Referral Network.

Not simply “re-arranging the pie” but rather growing the market for everyone

Our goal isn’t to simply redistribute existing customers among the current laser projector manufacturers, like changing the thickness of slices of pie. Rather, our goal is to increase the sales of all laser projector manufacturers, by promoting laser system sales to customers who haven’t even purchased laser projectors up until now, thus growing the size of the entire market.

How it this possible? The answer resides in the fact that over the years, Pangolin has developed products outside the laser show market space as well as inside. Below is a list of products which, while they may also be used by our laser show customers, they are used much more by other customers.


PangoBright – the free “screen dimmer” program for changing the brightness of screens in Microsoft Windows. PangoBright received a five-star (spectacular) rating from CNET editors. An average of 700 people download PangoBright every week, and it is currently the #9 rated program for Windows Desktop Customization.


Interactive Messaging Unlimited (IMU) – a market-leading program for SMS text-to-screen, text-based polling and mobile marketing. Since 2002, Pangolin has offered this program to everyone from broadcast television stations to mobile DJs. IMU comes along with VMU digital signage software that can be used as a generic information display software in places like shopping malls and airports. Since June, Pangolin has made both IMU and VMU available for download free of charge.

Essential Media plugin for Virtual DJ – a free plug-in, and the only tool that allows Virtual DJ software to play Adobe Flash video files, as well as just about any other video or audio media file. Essential Media was introduce to the market in 2011, and since that time it has been downloaded more than 37,000 times. According to their website, Virtual DJ is used by more than 6 million people every day!


LASORB – the only semiconductor product designed specifically to enhance the lifetime of laser diodes. While it is true that today, many (or we can say most) of the current laser show projector manufacturers use LASORB in laser show projectors, LASORB is also used by many industrial, scientific and university customers around the world.



ScannerMAX actuators and scanners – a line of rotary devices that offer best-in-class performance, while remaining at an affordable price. In a similar manor to LASORB, many laser show projector manufacturers have adopted ScannerMAX actuators / shutters, and ScannerMAX scanners in their laser show projectors. However, these are also used by customers in industrial, scientific, and university settings.

Each of the products mentioned above have their own web site, with the ability for users to opt-in to our newsletters and promotional mailings, and at the present time, Pangolin has a combined total database size of around 50,000! These are individuals and companies who have explicitly raised their hands and said TELL ME MORE!

It never ceases to amaze us, the cross-over that exists among the users of the products mentioned above. Mobile DJs, who use Virtual DJ and who want to take their presentations to the next level, contact Pangolin every day and ask about laser projectors and laser software. DJs and enterprise-level corporate clients who use IMU and VMU are very often interested in broadening their projection or enhancing their visibility by using lasers. Industrial clients who use LASORB and ScannerMAX scanners in laser projectors in factories are often interested in more portable laser projection solutions.

Simply stated, our involvement in these product areas (many of which are offered for free) allows us to put information about laser projectors on front of tens of thousands of people who reside outside of the more traditional customers that include show production companies and lighting designers. It is this extended reach which allows us to refer business to all of the projector manufacturers that choose to list with us, ultimately allowing us to increase the sales of all laser show manufacturers.

Why is Pangolin interested in this?

The answer is obvious. Every laser show projector that is sold will require laser show software to operate it. As the market for laser show projectors expands, so does the need for laser show software. We are passionate about lasers, and truly believe that laser shows make the world a better place. With this firm belief in hand, we’re obviously interested in getting quality laser show systems into the hands of everyone around the world.