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To the Pangolin Projector Referral Network

Quality Lasers, Affordable Prices, First Class Support.
Learn more about how the Network and how we can help you, below.

What is the Pangolin Projector Referral Network?

The Pangolin Projector Referral Network is a division of Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc., that helps you find quality laser projectors, at affordable prices, that are “right” for your desired show applications. And we back these systems up with first-class service and support, all along the way.

Here at Pangolin, we realize that buying a laser projector can be a difficult and even downright confusing process, especially with all of the different laser projector suppliers on the market today. We also know that many laser projector manufacturer’s have different methods for listing the specifications of their systems, which can make it even harder to compare products from various suppliers.

We take the guess work out of buying a laser! And when purchasing through the Pangolin Projector Network, we help you understand the differences between all of the laser systems on the market today, as well as how to interpret their specifications. And we educate you, so that you understand how those specifications relate to the type of shows you wish to perform. We then work to find you the best laser projector for your needs, and at a great price, backed up with the outstanding service and support the industry has come to love from Pangolin.

Why Choose the Pangolin Projector Referral Network? 


Since 1986, Pangolin has been developing the laser control technology which powers the large majority of laser shows taking place worldwide. Due to our position in the industry, we’ve had the privilege of being able to visit nearly every single laser projector manufacturer’s facilities, in the US, EU and Asia. As a result, we have great insight into which laser projector manufacturers are producing quality systems, as well as what laser projection systems are right for a client’s desired show applications. We help you find the right laser projector, for your show needs!

A Technology Leader

Here at Pangolin, we also understand laser specifications on a very deep level – As we actually helped to develop many of the standards, still used by the industry to this day. In addition, we are a laser control company at our roots, and because of this, we have great insight into the various ways to control a laser projector. So when we work with you as a client, we help educate you on the differences between various laser systems, so that you understand their individual specifications, and how these relate to various show, control and setup scenarios.

Support… Simply put, we’ll always have your back!

We pride ourselves on providing some of the best support in the laser industry. That is why we’re available nearly 24-hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure all your needs are met. We also have service and support centers located around the globe (with multiple locations across the USA, EU and China) allowing us to reply to your requests in a prompt and efficient manner. Simply put, we’ll always have your back, and we work hard to ensure the continued success of you as a client, and our industry as a whole!

“See what others have to say – Check out these testimonials”

Adam LaBay – Lighting Designer, San Francisco, CA

I recently purchased a laser systems from the Pangolin Projector Referral Network, and I am very impressed with this what I received. The beam profiles on the laser systems, they helped me purchase, are tight and bright, with clean color mixing and the ScannerMAX Compact-506 optical scanning system inside maintains image integrity even when doing complex graphics. We had an opportunity to really stress test the projector while making the 2015 YouTube Music Awards and it handled everything we threw at them without issue. They systems they helped us get outperformed some of the bigger more expensive projectors we had available, especially at wide angles. I plan on ordering more of these through Pangolin, as the quality is unbeatable, and especially at such a great prices!


Brooks Palmer – Full Color Lasers, Tampa, FL

Here at FullColorlasers.com, we were looking for the perfect laser systems for small and medium size venues. We wanted good quality as we got burned from a few other suppliers, pushing product that didn’t meet our standards. As we worked with Pangolin for many years, we decided to give the network a try.  They were great, and worked with us hand in hand, to find the best laser to meet our needs. We’ve since purchased eight more lasers from them! We’re very happy with the service they’ve provided, and the lasers they helped us get have more bang for the buck, than anything else we’ve worked with so far. Oh, and the prices… Fantastic! Just like they say, Quality Laser, Affordable Price, First Class Support. Give the network a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Kelvin Alakh – Lighting Designer, Singapore and Asia Pacific

Pangolin has always been a great company to work with. So when I heard they were offering lasers, I decided to give them a try. I have a lot of experience in the laser industry, as I’ve worked for many of Asia’s leading laser production firms. Because of my background, I already knew a lot about lasers, specifications, control, etc. so I was curios to see what the network could really offer. Well, they do not disappoint, lets say that much! Pangolin helped pair me up with a fantastic deal on some really high quality 20W systems, that were perfect for our upcoming festival season and some permanent installations we had taking place in Asia. I highly recommend them!

Kelly Hamilton – Lady Light Creations, Las Vegas, NV

I have been working with laser projectors for years, and have used systems from a wide-variety of manufacturers. I was recently looking for something new, to incorporate into my “Lasergirl” act, that I perform in Las Vegas and around the country. After speaking with Pangolin, they helped pair me up with a fantastic laser projector, that was exactly what I was looking for – And at a GREAT price! Not only was the system very high quality, but they were able to get it to me very quickly as well, with ample time to incorporate it into my show. I would definitely recommend them when looking to buy a laser. Great people, great products, and great support!

Tsunemi Koga – Random West, Japan

I have been a Pangolin dealer for years, and our company Random West, is one of Asia’s largest and most experienced laser light show production companies. I have used lasers from a wide-variety of manufacturer’s as well, so we’ve seen just about everything out there. I was looking for a new supplier, after having difficulties with our previous vendor, and decided to give Pangolin a try. I was not disappointed. They helped me source a several high power OPSL systems, that we are currently using out on tour. We also ended up purchasing some additional medium power lasers from them, as the quality of the units we received, were really fantastic. And, when issues came up (repairs) they had our back 110%, working with us hand in hand, to get the problems resolved – And in a very fast, cost effective and efficient manner. I am very happy that Pangolin is in the marketplace, helping professionals like me get quality lasers, at nice prices, with great support

Bill Ehrsam–MindShaftMusic–USA

Bill Ehrsam – Mind Shaft Music – USA

Got the projector through Pangolin, and I’m LOVING it! Makes my other projectors look like toys in comparison. Working on the funds for another ClubMAX-3000 now! Really impressed with the color blending. I honestly spent a good 6 months researching different laser companies, and will only be doing buisness with Pangolin for lasers, from now on. Your individual and joint products are simply the best I’ve ever used! And your team provides the more refreshingly friendly customer service I’ve ever recieved . Keep up the great work guys!


Austin Smith – LaserWolf FX – USA

I was on my way to a gig and was rear ended by a car going 75mph. $10,000 worth of gear was abruptly scattered about the highway. I found my two Kvant’s still in their cases 125 feet from my car. There were only minor scratches to the cases. The lasers and other contents inside the cases had not moved nor did they have any damage. The next day I plugged them in and they were still in perfect alignment! I couldn’t believe it. I am very thankful that Kvant takes the time to make such an awesome & durable product!!