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Gilberto Caballero | Laser/Lighting Designer


Gabriel Guardian | Rock Star Bad Ass

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Laser News and References

Photo Rights & Credits to Tyr Liang. After the huge success of Illuminate Adelaide's Light Cycles by Moment Factory’s first season back in 2021, the event returned for its second annual season to bring another exquisitely immersive nighttime experience to Adelaide Botanic Garden in Australia. Light...

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 The legendary music collective Mayan Warrior brought yet another immersive and electrifying show to New York for two late June evenings (6/24 - 6/25).  This show was just one of the four stops during their 10-year anniversary celebration.  Crowds were wowed...

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Photo Rights & Credits to Kate Klaus Photography. The French heavy metal band Gojira recently concluded their long-awaited tour with Deftones.  After being rescheduled twice since 2020, fans finally got to enjoy the riveting North American tour of the joint bands, enjoying songs from...

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Lasers By Pangolin & Kvant

Laser Light Shows. From the development of laser show technology to the manufacturing of laser show systems, it's what we've been doing better than anyone else for over 30-years.
You may have heard lasers being sold using a variety of names such as laser show projectors, laser display systems, programmable laser light show projector, DMX lasers, laser lights, show lasers, party lasers, DJ lasers, Club Lasers, Disco lasers, and more.

Though the name used doesn't matter, what does matter is that you're being sold the best laser system possible. We at Pangolin Lasers have dedicated our lives to producing top-notch laser light show technology, better than anything else on the market.

Laser Light Show Projectors

We at Pangolin Lasers have exclusively partnered with KVANT, to produce a wide selection of award-winning laser light show projectors, ranging from 1.7 Watts, all the way to 1,000W Watts.

We'll break these down into a few categories:

Unity Lasers | Low-Cost Lasers

These are a line of low-cost economic show laser systems that come in three different models, RAW, ELITE, and EPIC.

The RAW series range from 1.7 Watt lasers up to 3 Watt lasers. The ELITE ILDA and ELITE PRO FB4 series range from 2 Watt Lasers up to 10 Watt lasers. The EPIC series range from 15 Watt lasers up to a maximum of 30 Watt lasers.

Clubmax FB4 Lasers

Our most popular line of laser projectors is the Clubmax Series, which starts with 2 Watt Laser Systems and goes up to 15 Watt Laser Systems. Clubmax lasers were built for clients who need lasers designed for touring, in small to medium outdoor shows and events.

Atom Lasers

Atom Series Lasers range from 9 Watts up to 30 Watts and are designed with all RGB Laser Diodes sources to provide maximum power, performance, and efficiency.

Spectrum Lasers

Spectrum Series Lasers are the world's premier high power laser systems. They come in a stunning combination of OPSL and diode lasers, providing maximum brightness and performance, making them the ideal outdoor laser projector. Spectrum lasers are ideal for big events, stadiums, touring, and more.

Kvant RGBY Lasers

Our RGBY lasers are built with an extra yellow OPSL module, which increases the overall brightness and divergence of the laser and expands the total range of colors the laser projector can output.

Kvant LD Lasers

"LD" or "Low Divergence" lasers offer a higher power output, and laser visibility over farther distances with our ScannerMAX Saturn 9B Optical Scanning Systems. They're designed to project over long distances without beam comprising quality or scan-speed.

Kvant Burstberry

The world's first modular laser show systems. Burstberry is a multi-head laser system that can be assembled into any geometrical formation, allowing you to create incredible laser effects unlike any before. Burstberry is ideal for lighting designers and laser artists.

SKY Lasers | Architectural

High power, long-range aerial beam laser projection systems. Sky lasers are designed for professionals who need to project lasers at extreme distances, providing visibility at several miles away.

Laser Show Software

Professional laser light design software for both beginners and seasoned professionals, with Pangolin's QuickShow and BEYOND software.

Laser Show Hardware

Laser show control hardware, including the Pangolin FB3QS, Pangolin FB4, and Pangolin FB4-SK platforms.

Laser Show Safety

We offer products for audience scanning laser shows, laser power meters, laser safety glasses, and goggles.

Laser Rentals

We offer laser show rentals and laser design services, which also include programming for 3D Laser Shows and all sorts of stage lighting applications involving laser light.