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Growing Your Business With Laser Advertising

Advertising is an essential part of growing your business, and with the latest advancements in technology, you are able to advertise your business in ways most never thought would be possible.

Comparative to advertising on billboards, lasers can be used as a way to easily capture potential clients, but they provide an exponentially more versatile solution that you can own permanently, or rent, at a fraction of the cost of using billboard and methods of advertising.

The Benefits Of Using Lasers For Advertising

  • A versatile solution that will literally outshine any other type of advertising.
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor advertising, and even permanent solutions.
  • Provides a lower cost with a higher return.
  • Projectable onto nearly any surface at material, and there is no special screen necessary.
  • The “plug & play” solution, simply allowing you to connect your laser directly into your computer, giving your full control.
  • Create laser text, logos, graphics, perfect for advertising.
  • A “new” way to advertise, allowing you to attract more potential clients than your competitors.
  • All that, and more…

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Getting Started With Laser Advertising

Below you find a variety of materials to help you get started with laser advertising!


Laser Projectors

At Pangolin, we offer a wide variety of different laser projectors for all sorts of events and applications. If you need help finding the right laser for you, don't hesitate to contact our sales team, and let us do all the work for you.

Phone: +407-299-2088

Check out our entire selection of different laser projectors: Click Here


Laser Software

QuickShow is the world's leading laser show control software, and the best part? It's FREE! For someone who is just getting into laser advertising, it's an extremely powerful application, that will give you limitless opportunities.

Find out about QuickShow: Click Here
Tutorial Videos: Click Here

Educational Materials

Educational blog posts (talking about all things, laser projector related):
Check out our FREE E-Book on how to make laser shows: Click Here

Check Out A Few Real World Examples of Laser Advertising

Lasers For Advertising (Car Shows):

Lasers For Sporting Events:

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