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Billboard advertising has been a common marketing tool for a long time. It gives you easy exposure to hundreds, if not thousands or more people on a daily basis.

But there is a problem. Standard billboards are expensive, and they don’t provide a lot of versatility. Plus, everyone is so used to seeing standard billboards, that their impact is simply wearing out.

What if you were able to create an attractive, versatile, and affordable solution, that you could implement virtually anywhere?

Laser billboard advertising is the answer!

laser text projection

Laser Projection advertising is a cost-effective, adaptable solution for people looking to step up their marketing game.

With laser light, you’re able to project high-quality logos, graphics, text, or even abstract art, over long distances onto almost any surface.

Not to mention, with laser projectors it’s easy to capture a customer’s attention since laser beams are brighter than standard billboards and really add that wow factor to an advertisement.

So rather than using the same boring old boring billboards, you can spice things up, and grab the attention of your client using beautiful laser light – PROVEN, to capture’s people’s attention span, and hold it so they get your message!

All of which is providing you with a plethora of “different” ways to advertise, helping you stand out over the competition.

Types of laser effects for billboard advertising. 

There are all sorts of different laser effects that you can use to create when advertising, the most common types are Text, Logos, Graphics, and Laser Mapping. (see below for visual examples)

What are Laser Logos & Graphics?

laser logo and graphics projection

Two of the most popular types of laser billboard advertising is Logos & Graphics. With laser projectors, you're able to create or trace, your own designs and display them in a bright, vibrant way to capture many people's attention.

What are laser text projections?

Laser Text Projections

With laser text, you're able to display a quick and easy to use billboard advertisement in no time! You just simply choose the words you want to show in laser, along with the location, and you've got yourself an advertisement that is sure to stand out amongst your competitors. 

Another great option is pairing laser text and graphics together, giving you the ability to display a huge array of different advertisements in all sorts of ways.

What is laser projection mapping?

laser mapping projection

(aka laser mapping) is one of the most popular types of effects that are used for billboard advertising. This is because laser mapping allows you to highlight a specific object or portions of an object, helping bring out even the smallest details in your advertisement.

You can learn more about laser mapping here:

What do I need to create a Laser Billboard Advertisement?

There are two essential components that you are going to need to get started, the first is Laser Control Software, and the second is a Laser Projector. To put it simply, you are going to need a piece of software to design and create your advertisements, then you will need a laser to project and bring those ads to life.

All of our laser systems include your laser projector and hardware, as well as design software, absolutely FREE. We also include all accessories (cables, cases, safety and more).

Laser Control Software

QuickShow Software

QuickShow - Laser Show Software

Pangolin designed quickshow to be a simple, quick, and easy to use software that allows you to create stunning displays within minutes.

The best part is, it's FREE! QuickShow is included for free with all laser control hardware. Find out more on our website here:

BEYOND software

BEYOND - professional laser and multimedia software

BEYOND is the world's leading laser & multimedia software. It was designed for those who want to the most amount of control over their laser displays, giving you in-depth tools like the Advanced Frame Editor for complete creative freedom.

Learn more about BEYOND software here:

Laser Show Projectors 

laser show projectors

A crucial part of getting started with laser billboards is making sure that you have the right laser for the job. 

Though it's a bit of difficult task because there are so many different types of laser projectors, and you’ll need to find one that suits your specific needs.

To help out, we've created a brief list of laser projectors that are good for different uses, which can be found below.

Another great tool is our blog post Laser Projector Specifications, it's a great place to start as it provides all the necessary information you need to buy a laser projector.

ClubMAX Lasers

The ClubMAX series lasers are low-cost lasers, offering top of the line performance for their price point. They are perfect for indoor events and small to medium-sized venues.

Find out more here:

LogoLas Lasers

If you're looking to permanently install your lasers, then logolas is the way to go! With full weatherproof casing, they're great for permanent outdoor laser mapping.

Find out more here:

Spectrum & Atom Lasers

If you're looking to create the brightest and most vibrant billboards ads, then our spectrum or atom series lasers are the way to go. They offer the top of the line performance and are perfect for large scale shows that are indoors or outdoors.

Find out more here:

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