RGB Laser Projector

Inside of a Kvant RBG laser show projector

Inside of a Kvant ClubMAX 3000 laser projector.

What is an RGB laser?

Defining an RGB laser light projector show

An RGB laser projector is a type of laser show system that consists of three different sources, one for red, green, and blue, which combine to make an RGB laser. These types of lasers are also referred to as a full color lasers, or rainbow lasers.

RGB lasers are designed to produce millions of different colors and color combinations, as many different RGB laser systems are able to display more than one color at a time. How many colors can an RGB laser really display? Well it's 16,777,216 different colors to be exact. Incredible right?!

Understanding RGB laser modules, and the different sources

When we refer to an RGB laser, we are simply referring to the fact that the laser system has three different sources (one for red, green, and blue). However, there are various types of physical laser sources that can be used to create the laser, which include sources such as DPSS, OPSL, and laser diodes.

Inside of a Kvant Spectrum OPSL laser projector

The inside of a Kvant Spectrum with OPSL laser modules.

The most commonly used source are for laser projectors are laser diodes, as they are more affordable than their counterparts and have become the “standard” throughout the laser/lighting and production industries.

Understanding RGB diode laser technology

Lasers with diode-based laser technology have become the standard, though there is not a set way in which manufacturers produce and create these lasers. This means that not all companies are choosing to use the same colors (aka the wavelength) and type of components used inside of the RGB laser.

Inside of a Kvant RED Laser Module

The inside of a red laser module from KVANT.

Different laser didoes having varying factors, such as the power in which diodes come, the actual visibility to your eyes, and required combination of each color to produce a proper color balance. If these laser systems are configured and built improperly, they will produce a result that is not nearly appealing as an RGB laser that uses high quality didoes.

Our point with this is that it can get complicated, and that not all laser projectors are the same. It would be wise that you do your research about a specific RGB laser projector, and the brand, to make sure you don't waste your money.

Laser Show Control Hardware

The different ways you can control an RGB laser projector

There is a plethora of ways you can control an RGB laser system, and depending on your ideal use for system, it's good to know what kind of control hardware the laser is equipped with so you will know if it's right for your specific applications and events.

For the longest time, the standard method of laser show control has been the ILDA laser connection, which uses a DB-25 connector that plugs into a 25-pin port on the back of a laser. Then the other end plugs into a piece of laser control hardware, and that control hardware must be plugged into your PC. Sound quite tedious? That because it usually is.

Backside of a Kvant RGB laser show projector

The backside of an Kvant ClubMAX with pangolin FB4 control hardware.

To replace ILDA standard with something "better", new products such as our FB4 Control Hardware have emerged to expand the ways in which you’re able to control your laser projector, giving you the ability to use popular lighting protocols such as DMX, ArtNET, direct control from a PC, and even stand-alone control.

You can learn more about the different types of laser control here: https://lasershowprojector.com/blogs/education/types-of-laser-control

Benefits of full color RGB lasers

So much color! RGB laser projectors give you the option of choosing from millions of different colors, instead of limiting you to a single color or a single color with different shades.

What RGB laser projector should you buy?

 Kvant RGB laser show projectors

Kvant ClubMAX & Atom RGB laser projectors.

It can come down to a matter of opinion, and other various factors such as price and quality, but there is more to purchasing an RGB laser system than we what has been discussed in this article.

We suggest reading our "Laser Projector Purchasing Guide" to understand everything you need to know when buying a laser projector.

However, here are here are a few good deciding factors that you should always consider when looking at purchasing any RGB laser show projector.

  1. What kind of laser source, and what color those laser sources are.
  2. The power of the laser projector.
  3. What kind of control hardware it has.
  4. The lasers scan speeds.
  5. How the chassis of the laser is constructed.

However, if you'd rather rent an RGB laser projector before making the final decision to purchase, Pangolin Lasers offers a wide array of laser light show projectors that will work for any size show.

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