What is an ILDA Laser?


ILDA, or the International Laser Display Association is a organization with the purpose to promote and advance the application of laser displays in all environments. ILDA sets the industry standards for Entertainment Laser Shows, while promoting everything from the advancement of laser artistry, to increasing public awareness and safety, and more.

ILDA Laser Connection

The ILDA connection on the laser projector is defined as the “DB-25 male connector”, since the pins are sticking out. That can then receive a signal from a controller connected with a “DB-25 female connector” cable, which may either be supplied with the purchase of the laser or a controller. You can purchase DB-25 connectors, cables, and switch boxes at many computer and electronics stores. Because of this, it creates a wide availability for the DB-25 connector, which is one of the reasons ILDA chose it for it’s ILDA Standard Projector connection.

ILDA DB-25 Female Connection

ILDA Limitations

* NOTE – ILDA has been very common in the laser light show industry for a long time, however it does have limitations.

  • ILDA cables can be troublesome to run, from it size, weight, and “thickness” of the cable itself.
  • As a result, when performing with multiple laser projectors, running large amounts of ILDA cable can be a nuisance.
  • The recommended maximum run of an ILDA cable is 150ft. After 150ft, you may start to lose signal, thus resulting in a lower quality output resolution.

How Do You Purchase “The Best ILDA Laser”

There isn’t a “best” laser, rather what fits your needs depending on the specifications of your event. That is why Pangolin offers a variety of ILDA lasers tailored to specifically fit your needs. If you can’t decide on what to buy, or need help searching for the right ILDA laser to fit your event, Contact Us!

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