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The MicroWheel grating set is the latest addition to our line of optical benches addobs that we offer for nearly every single laser display system in the portfolio.

It provides users of compatible Kvant systems with a minimalist and inexpensive, but practical addition for a secondary effect that can be quickly installed directly onto the primary aperture of the laser projector. 

The MicroWheel grating set for Burstberry lasers creates a rotating grating effect, that is controlled with DMX. One DMX channel controls the rotation to the left and right and another channel controls the speed of the rotation. Interchangeable grating effects included in MicroWheel grating set are Starburst, Line-burst and Lumina, and they can be easily swapped one for another as required.

This addition expands the possibilities of the laser system even further and offers three amazing effects for you to use in your shows.

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