Club Lasers

Here you'll find a collection of club series lasers, geared towards nightclubs, and other venues that want to incorporate laser light into their shows.

Club Lasers Series Overview

girls dancing underneath lasers in nightclub DJ playing music with lasers going over crowd in Hakkasan nightclub

Laser systems found in our club lasers series collection range from low priced entry-level solutions, to professional laser systems that will cover very large nightclubs and venues in the thousands.

All club laser series systems contain the latest in laser light show technology. Every system is equipped with full color RGB laser modules, allowing you to project millions of different colors, along with high performance laser scanners for producing beautiful laser logos, graphics, and text, that is all built into a well-crafted laser housing.

Club lasers can be controlled over ILDA using laser control hardware such as Pangolin's FB3QS, directly from a PC with an ethernet cable, from any major lighting console over DMX, ArtNET, and in stand-alone mode, where you can setup the laser projector to run automatically at a given day, date, and time. (Features vary between the FB4 and non-FB4 models)