by Pangolin Lasers
This robust KVANT FB4-QS Quick Connect interface is designed to be easily attached to any Clubmax laser dispay system for convenient operation. This version includes a network switch for easy networking of multiple laser systems. It also provides the user with additional ILDA signal output (inbuilt ILDA signal splitter).
Pangolin Quickshow 3.0 control software is included and Pangolin Beyond software upgrades are available.

FB4 is a new network hardware control platform from Pangolin.
It is a media server for your laser show, allowing you to control all projector and show control parameters, as well as giving you the ability to easily interface with other lighting and production equipment.


  • Full Network Control 
  • Network Switch for easy daisy-chain 
  • Dual ILDA Output (ILDA signal splitter) 
  • Standalone SD card memory (auto-show playback) 
  • Full colour OLED display 
  • Support for ArtNet, ILDA, OSC and CITP (coming soon) 
  • Support for up to 120K scan speeds [for above 30kpps speeds Pangolin Beyond software is required] 
  • Support for 6-colour channels 
  • Improved high definition laser output, with interpolation
Main features: Quick Connect interface for all Clubmax lasers
Pangolin Quickshow 3.0 software included
2 x Ethernet, ArtNet, 2 x ILDA OUT

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