KVANT Architect 55

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Type: full colour semiconductor diode laser system
Guaranteed optical output: 55W
Suitable for: permanent architectural outdoor installations
System control: PC
Scanning system: none; single static beam only
Weight: 112kg
Dimensions WHD [mm]: 900 | 380 | 800
R | G | B [W]: 18 | 12 | 24
Beam size [mm]: 34 x 42 - can be customised
Beam divergence <0.5mrad [full angle] - can be customised
Modulation: analog, up to 50kHz
Power requirements: 100-230V/50Hz
Consumption: max. 2450VA
Operation temperature: 0-35°C
Ingress protection rating: IP54
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This powerful 55W full colour single beam laser display system was developed for architectural and sky-lighting applications. Thanks to our own patented diode laser technology and purposefully overrated design and construction of this unit, it will provide the user with reliable and long-lifespan solution when it comes to permanent outdoor installations.

Furthermore, the Architect can be supplied with the automatic laser beam tracking and targeting device that keeps the beam pointing at the exact spot at all times, regardless the sway of buildings etc.

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