Kvant LD-RGBY Lasers

The Kvant LD-RBGY line of laser systems are specially designed Atom and Spectrum laser projectors with the highest power output and farthest projection distance out of any in the series that we offer.

The LD-RGBY lasers take the capabilities of both the LD and RBGY models and merges them into one. This means adding a 5W/577nm yellow OPSL module, and low divergence optics, as well as Pangolin’s ScannerMAX Saturn 9B optical scanning system, creating an incredible long-distance laser that can project an abundance of colors.

Every Kvant LD-RGBY laser system comes built in a robust field-tested chassis and is equipped with Pangolin’s FB4-SK laser show control hardware, allowing for control directly from a lighting console, PC, and in auto-mode.

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