Kvant LD Spectrum 25 RGBY


Source | Type:
semiconductor diode & OPSL | full-colour RGBY laser projector
Suitability: outdoor laser displays [atmospheric, abstract, text, animations]
System control: FB4-SK [Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA | PC, Lighting Console or Autoplay]
Compliant with:
EN 60825-1 [tested by TÜV SÜD], FDA
Weight [kg]: 37
Size [WxHxD, mm]:

510 x 273 x 396

Guaranteed opt. output [mW]: 25000
R | G | B [mW]:
6000 | 5000 | 8000 | 6000 [*see note A below]
Wavelengths [nm, ±5nm]: 637 | 577 OPSL | 532 OPSL | 445
Beam size [mm]: 10 x 10
Beam divergence [mrad]:
0.41 [full angle, averaged value, *see note B below]
Modulation [kHz] | type: 100 | analogue
X-Y scanners: Saturn 9B | 30kpps @ 8°
Power requirements [V] | Input:
100-230/50-60Hz | Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
Max. power consumption [VA]: 1540
Operation temperature [°C]: 10-40
Included in the set:
Heavy-duty flight case, 1.5M power lead, 25M Ethernet rj45 signal cable, E-STOP remote with 10M 3-pin XLR cable, set of 4 safety keys, interlock connector [for the USA only], USB memory stick with the user manual. Pangolin QuickShow laser control and creation software is available for FREE download.
HW features:
All the basic system settings and adjustments such as power output adjustment for each colour, X & Y axes invert, X & Y size and position, etc. are managed via the built-in FB4 control interface. Scanning system overload protection.
Laser safety features:
Keyed interlock, emission delay, magnetic interlock, scan-fail safety, fast electromechanical shutter [reaction time <20ms], adjustable aperture masking plate, Emergency STOP system with keyed remote and manual RESTART button.
note A
Due to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in Kvant systems, the real power output of each laser module installed within the system may slightly differ from its specification. This doesn't affect the total guaranteed power output of the system.
note B The beam divergence total is calculated as an average arithmetic value of all individual colours. The divergence of each colour is calculated as:
1. FWHM of the beam cross-section for round beams, or
2. The arithmetic average of the beam's horizontal and vertical divergence for all rectangular beams.
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Kvant Spectrum series laser projectors (including Spectrum, Spectrum LD, and Spectrum RGBY product lines) are the world’s premier high-power laser systems, used at many of the largest events and festivals around the globe. 

Kvant Spectrum lasers are designed to provide you with incredible power, pin-point precision, touring grade housings, and the latest cutting-edge laser light show technology.

Every Kvant Spectrum is built in a field-tested housing, with a high-performance optical scanning system and Pangolin’s integrated FB4-SK media server, providing you with easy control via a lighting console (over DMX / ArtNET), PC, or in stand-alone operation (auto-mode). 

Kvant Spectrums are designed with patented OPSL laser technology from COHERENT, offering unparalleled brightness from all Spectrum laser systems, especially across long distances.

Kvant Spectrum lasers also include Pangolin’s QuickShow laser show and design software completely FREE, providing you with a wealth of tools that allow you to create your own incredible laser displays. In addition, QuickShow comes with thousands of pre-made laser clip art which you can use, right out of the box.

The Kvant LD Spectrum 25 RGBY is a high-power laser show projector, fitted with an extra 577nm yellow laser module, which doubles the total luminosity and increases the overall range of colors and brightness the laser projector can output. The LD Spectrum 25 RGBY is perfect large scale indoor/outdoor festivals and events, tours, and permanent installs.

In addition, The Kvant LD Spectrum 25 RGBY is also equipped with Low Divergence Optics and the Pangolin ScannerMAX Saturn 9B optical scanning system. This technology keeps the divergence of the laser beam incredibly low, equating to noticeably brighter laser effects, especially over longer distances. 

Highlights of the LD Spectrum 33 RGBY Laser Light Show Projector:

  • Battlefield tested chassis and internal design, making the Spectrum ideal for large events, touring, laser rentals, and more.
  • Ultra-low-divergence RGB laser source designed to provide maximum brightness at further projection distances. The premium quality laser source takes advantage of excellent beam properties that are based on OPSL Coherent Taipan and Kvant’s semiconductor diode laser modules.
  • Additional 5W yellow laser module increasing the range of colors and overall laser brightness.
  • Low Divergence Optics creating a brighter laser beam that can be seen at much farther distances.
  • Color Balance Display Mode matches the colors outputted by your laser to those you see on your computer screen, without the need for color palette calibration in your software. The color settings are stored in the internal system memory of Spectrum.
  • Pangolin’s FB4-SK laser show control hardware allows you to control your laser from a PC. lighting console via Ethernet, DMX, ArtNet and ILDA, or in auto mode for standalone playback.
  • Direct compatibility with Pangolin DiscoScan 2.0 bracket, Safety Scan lens bracket, 4-Way masking plate.
  • Optional Pangolin PASS Upgrade and Motorized Dichroic Filters.

Every Kvant laser system is delivered with a Quality Control Certificate. The certificate includes the power output measurement of each laser wavelength within the system.

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