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The KB2D Laser Harp Controller is a detection system working as a MIDI controller. It enables to send customizable MIDI messages just by touching / interacting with laser beams, and can be used with any laser projector system in order to create an interactive projection. With the various detection modes available, it can be adapted to any show, from the easiest laser Harp system to the most complete Interactive “laserman” show and does not require any communication or synchronization with the laser projector. Thanks to an exclusive and innovative detection system (patent pending), it is actually the most compact, competitive and versatile Laser interactive device on the market. The KB2D Interactive device can be combined with a 45° mirror to project the beams vertically for a Laser Harp configuration. Lightdiction proposes a special Mirror holder for this purpose. Both KB2D device and KVANT laser projectors can be fixed on it at the same time Footswitches or other external MIDI controllers can be used to improve the flexibility of the device during shows.

This Product bundle contains:

  • Lightdiction Laser Harp Controller
  • Lightdiction Standard Laser Harp Mirror 
  • Product manual
  • USB Cable
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Voltage, USB Powered, (Vin) Min: 4.5V
Typ: 5V
Max: 6V
Current consumption, (Iin) Typ: 50mA
Frames Per Second on detection (Can be set by User), (FPS) Min: 50
Typ: 90
Max: 130
Bandwidth on beam detection (works with scanning systems), (BW) Min: 5Hz
Max: 50Hz
Ddet is the distance between the detection system and the target (laser source projected on a white lambertian target). (*), (Ddet) Min: 0.3m (1), 0.8m (2)
Max: 6m (1), 14m (2)
Field angle for beam distinction (X Dimension) (Beams are still detected outside of this range, but cannot be differentiated), (ΦX) Min: -27°
Max: 27°
Wavelength detected (3) – By default, (λ) Min: 510nm
Typ: 520nm
Max: 535nm
Wavelength detected (3) – Optional, (λ) Min: 625nm
Typ: 635nm
Wavelength detected (3) – Optional, (λ) Min: 370nm
Typ: 445nm
Max: 470nm
Length x Width x Height (mm) (Without the Handle) 100 x 32 x 58
Weight, (msys) 155g
Ingress Protection, (IP) IP54

(*) Other sensibilities available on demand, in order to fit with the power of the laser to be used. It is still possible to attenuate the power received by using darker gloves for instance (or bare hand instead of white gloves). Maximum and minimum distances are just indicative and should not be considered as very accurate.

(1) With a 1W (green) laser projector, “Standard sensibility” version

(2) With a 5W (green) laser projector, “Standard sensibility” version

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