ILT2500 CW and Pulsed/Flash Light Measurement System | Dealer

ILT2500 CW and Pulsed/Flash Light Measurement System | Dealer




If you’re creating audience scanning laser shows, then the ILT2500 is to go-to light meter and optometer for making sure your laser shows are safe and compliant! Laser safety is no joke, and that’s why the ILT2500 helps make sure that your lasers are operating within the guidelines required for audience scanning laser shows.

The ILT2500 is the most versatile light measurement system ever designed by ILT.  It combines the ease-of-use of our hand-held, portable optometer, the measurement range of a Research/Lab radiometer, pulsed light profiling similar to an oscilloscope, and the spectral measurement capability of a spectrometer.  Combined with our NIST traceable / ISO17025 accredited calibration, and a wide array of sensors, optics, integrating spheres and the new MEMS880 spectrometer head, the ILT2500 applications abound!

The ILT2500 supports numerous light measurement applications including Audience Scanning Laser Safety, General Purpose Light Measurements, Research, Sterilization/UVGI, Solar, Photoresist – lithography, Optical Radiation Hazard, Phototherapy, Photo-Degradation, PPF & PPFD Plant Studies, and more.

ILT manufactures the ILT2500 and software in the USA at ILT's Peabody, MA facility which allows ILT to rapidly customize system components to meet the needs of our customers.

Included with your ILT2500

ILT2500 optical measurement systems include an ILT2500, carrying case, DataLight III PC/MAC software and the SED033/F/A313-7MM sensor with calibration certificate. ILT2500 optical measurement systems allow direct reading in the appropriate empirical units including; lux, foot-candles, candela, lumens, watts, W/cm2, cd/m2, foot-lamberts, nits, etc. 

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Measurement Range: 5 pA - 1mA current - 9 decades of light intensity measurements
Bias: 5V Reverse Bias for phototubes
Ranging and Averaging: Automatic ranging and averaging
Internal Memory: 4GB
Operating Temperature: 0-40 degree C
USB: Micro for data download
USB: Mini for charging and Datalight III PC & Mac light measurement software
Size: 1-3/5” H x 3” W x 6” L
Detector/Sensor connector: 15 pin connector
CE certified: No RF noise
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