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The Tour Hazer II is a water-based haze machine with incredible power and efficiency. This unit runs at 1,500W, with 5-liters of fluid lasting you 120 hours (5-days)! It is completely contained in it’s own flight case, making it incredibly portable and perfect for travel. The Tour Hazer II also features 2-Channel DMX control, allowing you to operate the internal fan and the haze-output independently. And the robust hose system inside the Tour Hazer II allows the fixture to be tilted and operated on any side, and the direction of the haze output can easily be changed using the custom 45° adjustable baffle.  In addition, all Neutrik Powercon-1 connectors are used, with a custom locking system that prevents accidental removal of the power plug during show performance. The “S” model you see here includes the classic vintage flight case, with reinforced ball corners and heavy duty construction. This sturdy design makes the Tour Hazer II “S” ideal for tours and life on the road. Manufactured in Germany.
Power: 1500Watt
Suspense: 240 V/50 Hz (also available as 110V version)
Fog season: Permanent fog at 100%
Heating time: ~ 60 sec.
Fluid consumption: 16 ml/min. (max.output), 1, 5 ml/min. (50%)
Control options: DMX 512, Stand-Alone, Timer (integrated), Analog 0-10V (cable remote control or radio remote control available as accessories), W-DMX (optional)
Weight | Dimensions:  16,5 kg, 55 x 26,5 x 41,5 cm

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