Professional RGB Lasers. Control however you like.

Designed for lighting professionals.
Supports DMX, ArtNET, PC, & Automode.
Integrated FB4 with FREE QuickShow Software.

Ranging from 2W to 10W in power.

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Designed for lighting professionals.

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Brighter, more vivid laser beam effects.

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Higher quality graphics, text, and logos.

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Support for DMX, ArtNET, PC, & Automode.

Designed For

Lighting professionals.

Vivid & Impactful

Aerial Beams Effects.

Large format

Laser mapping

Easily Design

Multi-projector shows

Create incredible

Text, Graphics, and Logos.

Control from a

PC, Lighting Console, or Auto-mode.


Unity's Elite Pro FB4 series of laser show projectors, are our next level of full color RGB, diode-based laser systems, with Pangolin's FB4 Media Server integrated inside. Elite takes things up a notch from our RAW series, by integrating the laser system into a more robust laser housing, combining power, performance, and reliability into one.

The main difference between our Elite Pro FB4 and Elite ILDA series is the FB4 control hardware inside, which includes 1,500 laser gobos on the FB4, which can be controlled from any lighting console of your choice.

Unity Elite laser systems are perfect for small, medium, and large clubs and venues, as well as DJs, and Special FX or Show Production Companies who need a high impact show laser system that combines quality, price, and performance.

Our Elite Pro FB4 series ranges from a 2-Watt laser, to a 10-Watt laser system, and can be easily controlled over DMX, ArtNET, PC (Ethernet), or Stand-Alone (auto-mode), for easy integration into any multimedia setup.

In addition, our Elite Pro FB4 series include Pangolin's QuickShow software completely FREE, allowing you to design and create any combination of laser show effects you can imagine. From aerial beam effects, to text, graphics, logos, and even fully programmable timeline laser shows. All of which can be triggered from a lighting console, PC, or in auto-mode.