950mW|520nm KVANT laser module

Pangolin Lasers

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Driver Type

1. Enclosed Driver


2. Bench top driver

Item name: GLM-950N
Minimal optical output: 950mW
Centre wavelength: 520nm
Centre wavelength tolerance: ±5nm
Beam size (horizontal x vertical): 2.5x3mm (3.5x4.5mm)
Beam divergence (horizontal/vertical, half angle): 0.7/0.3mrad (0.5x0.2mrad)
Linear polarisation: Y
M2 (horizontal/vertical) 6/3
Modulation frequency: 100kHz
Peak Power consumption TEC circuit 24V/1.5A
Peak Power consumption LD circuit 24V/1A
Dimensions: Name: module A
Length: 92
Width: 61
Height: 46

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