Smoke Factory Fan Fogger | Distributor

Smoke Factory Fan Fogger | Distributor




The Fan Fogger from Smoke Factory is a very power fog/haze solution for large outdoor open-air events, with the ability to output at 230V/2,600W!

The Fan Fogger can operate as either a high-performance haze machine, or a constantly generating fog machine, all from within one case, which also includes a 1,060W fan inside of the case.

The Fan Fogger is controlled using DMX over two channels, one for fog output and the other for haze and fan output and contains enough room to fit two 5 Ltr. Jugs of fluid inside the case.

Highlights of the Fan Fogger

  • High-performance fog generator 2,600W
  • 1,060W air-output included
  • Amptown-Flightcase on castors
  • Fog and air machine
  • DMX-compatible
  • Canister case for two canisters a 5 Ltr.
  • Optimal distribution of fog/haze even in bigger halls
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    Power: 2600 Watt Fog | 1060 Watt Fan
    Suspense: 240 V/50 Hz
    Fog season: ~ 30 sec. to 100 %, Permanent fog at
    Heating time: ~7 minutes
    Fluid consumption: 240 ml/min. (max. output), 60 ml/min. (continuous)
    Control options: Analogue 0-10V (XLR remote or radio remote, available as optional accessories), DMX 512, Stand-Alone, Timer (integrated)
    Weight | Dimensions:  69,2 kg | 88 x 46,5 x 86 cm
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