Types of Laser Shows


Laser beam and aerial effects

Laser beams and aerials are considerably the most common type of “effect” created with laser. They generally consist of laser patterns and shapes that are combined or synchronized with music, and then projected from a standard laser show projector.

These effects are most often programmed in software, and then run “live” to the beat of music, or “pre-programmed” and then played from of a timeline.

Laser beam and aerial effects are generally broken down into a few basic categories.

These include laser beam and aerial effects, laser fans and laser tunnels, and liquid sky effects (we call them liquid skies, as the effect projects a sheet or tunnel of laser light above your head, which looks like a liquid sky when combined with haze or fog).

At times, you might also see laser shows projected into an audience area, where people can actually touch the laser light. This is called “audience scanning” and it is one of the most beautiful effects that can be created with laser. However, it also requires a deeper understanding of laser safety to ensure no one in your audience is harmed from laser coming in contact with their eyes.

Beam shows and effects


Laser fans, sheets and tunnels


Liquid sky laser effects


Audience scanning laser effects (lasers come in contact with people)



Laser graphics and effects

(including laser logos, text, abstracts and 3D content)

Laser graphics are another fun type of laser effect that can be crated. These also take multiple forms and may include animated laser graphics, laser logos, laser text, laser abstracts, 3D laser images,
and even fully animated graphical laser shows.

Laser graphics and images


Laser logos and projections


Laser text


Laser abstracts


3D Laser animations (notice how you can layer images)



Laser mapping and architectural laser lighting

One of the newest and fastest growing laser effects, is called “laser mapping”. When you perform a laser mapping effect, you take a laser projection system and use it to map out the edges of a building, object or surface (such as a city building or structure, car, stage, etc.). This is very popular among architects and designers, looking to highlight and accent a structure or object.




Interactive laser shows

Interactive laser shows are where people in an audience control the movement of lasers, with their own body movement. This new technology has only been possible in recent years, thanks new technology that allows the Pangolin BEYOND software to work in conjunction with interactive devices like the X-Box Kinect. Imagine people in your audience, moving their hands back and forth, and with the laser following that movement, in real time. That is what interactive laser shows, are all about.

* The types of laser shows noted above, can be performed indoors and outdoors *

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