Kvant Clubmax FB4

ClubMAX FB4 Lasers - Great for all-size indoor events and small to medium size outdoor shows.

Our Kvant ClubMAX series of laser projectors are a widely versatile line of show laser systems that quickly rose to fame, and has become our most popular line of laser show projectors.

Clubmax lasers are designed for a wide range of applications such as DJs, Nightclubs, Concerts, Festivals, Tours, Audience Scanning, and more.

The series features models starting off with 2-Watt Laser Systems, going as high as 15-Watt Laser Display Systems. ClubMAX lasers provide a wide range of laser show systems for all types of applications, from DJ Lasers, ILDA Lasers, DMX Lasers, RGB/Rainbow Lasers, to Audience Scanning Lasers, and more.

It’s proven by the vast number of users that the ClubMAX laser systems can truly help take your shows and events to the next level, having been used by DJs, Lighting Designers, Laser Designers/Operators, Production Company’s, Venues, Tours, Theme Parks, and many more all over the globe.

Our ClubMAX laser light show projectors also feature a wealth of upgrades & accessories that are tailored to benefit you in real-life situations. Upgrades such as the Saturn 1B Optical Scanning System will turn your laser projector into the perfect animation/graphics projector, or Pangolin PASS Hardware to allowing you to preform incredible audience scanning laser shows, or others such as our DiscoScan 2.0.

Not sure what kind of laser system you need? We can help! Visit our GET A QUOTE page to get in touch with a Pangolin representative who can help you find the perfect laser projector that will find your specific needs and requirements. You can also check out our full selection of laser show projectors go VISITING HERE.