Laser Show Rentals

Sometimes, it makes more sense to go with a laser show rental, rather than buying a brand-new laser projector. For such cases, we at Pangolin Lasers have built an extensive range of high quality laser show systems for all size venues and events.

Our Rental Inventory

Kvant laser show systems

Our laser rental inventory features units of all different powers and sizes, so whether you need an outdoor laser light show projector for a stadium sized shows, or something that is small simple that could be used in a nightclub, we’ve got you covered.

    Why choose Pangolin Lasers for your laser show rental?

  • We have a worldwide network of our partners and distributors for laser light show projectors, ensuring you have access to equipment, support, training, and the professional know-how anywhere in the world.
  • Wide portfolio of products to rent you can choose from – Including laser display systems and accessories, laser light show software, LED screens, video projectors, media servers, and more.
  • Price match guarantee. If you find comparable solution elsewhere, we will offer a better option at a more competitive price point!
  • Need to rent more laser equipment than we have currently available? Or want some customized gear for your show? No problem. Contact us, and we’ll do our best to build, or customize the laser equipment just for you!


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