Kvant Spectrum

Kvant Spectrum - The world's premiere high power outdoor laser system. Ideal for stadiums, festivals, and large scale outdoor events.

The Kvant Spectrum series of laser show projectors are the world’s premier high-powered show laser system, designed for large scale events in stadiums, concerts, outdoor festivals, large tours, and any application when you need maximum laser power, with peak laser performance.

Every Spectrum is beautifully crafted to perfection to provide you with world-class performance, quintessential beam quality, a broad array of colors, built within our robust "aluminum foam chassis", making it the ideal laser for all types of outdoor laser shows.

Inside every Spectrum's field-tested housing is a perfectly fitted high performance optical scanning system and Pangolin’s integrated FB4-SK laser show control hardware giving you the ability to control directly from a lighting console (over DMX/ArtNET), PC, or in auto-mode.

Spectrums are designed with OPSL laser technology that offers unparalleled brightness over extremely long distances, which is why they preform so well in large scale outdoor laser shows.

Not sure what kind of laser system you need? We can help! Visit our GET A QUOTE page to get in touch with a Pangolin representative who can help you find the perfect laser projector that will find your specific needs and requirements. You can also check out our full selection of laser show projectors go VISITING HERE.