5 ways you can use lasers for sporting events

Sports events are an amazing time for fans and friends to get together to celebrate, and cheer on their favorite team to victory. In this blog post, we talk about 5 ways that you can use lasers to keep the crowd's energy flowing, for a non-stop night that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Laser shows, the perfect game-opening & halftime effect

Kvant laser show with laser text displayed at hockey game

Laser shows are a familiar game opening effect for many sporting events. You can easily create a heart-pounding laser show that is bound to get the crowd full of excitement. There are multiple different effects that can be used in a laser show such as laser beam shows, aerial effects, laser mapping, text, and 3D animations and more. 

Lasers mapping a field or court

 thunder basketball team laser mapping on court

A great effect that is used to enhance, or highlight an area or object (such as a football field, or basketball court) is laser mapping. You'd start by tracing out an area that you would want to highlight, then from there, you can combine the mapped out area with other effects to create a full-fledged laser show, or create other effects around the mapped out area or object. 

Watch our in-depth tutorial on laser mapping here: https://youtu.be/bLpaT-u27MA

Projecting sports team logos


Photo & laser show credits to Lightwave International

Creating a laser version of a sports teams logo is an excellent way to advertise and promote a sports team, or provide the perfect addition to your already existing laser show. Logos can be easily created using Pangolin laser show software, not to mention that we already included a variety of laser content and cues.

It's worth taking note, that when creating high-quality laser graphics you will need a laser projector with a high-speed optical scanning system. Pangolin offers a wide variety of different lasers that work for all types of sporting events. You can learn more here.

Display beautiful HD laser text

 Pittsburg Penguins StanleyCup Icehockey Laser Text and Logo

Photo & Laser show credits to Lightwave International

Whether you want to display the current score of the game, or a short text-based advertisement for the sponsors, it's all easily achievable with laser text. Creating laser text is incredibly easy too!

Featured in all Pangolin laser show control software is a tool called "Quick Text". Simply type in the message you want to display, change the color, size, rotation, additionally you can add an effect, and press show it now and your message will be displayed in laser!

Quickly and easily learn how to create your own laser text, by watching our tutorial here: https://youtu.be/tjLFnJetVBE

Lifelike 3D Animations

Burning man laser

3D laser animations are one of the most intriguing laser effects that can be displayed, as it gives the look that the laser is interacting with the crowd, whether that is through audience scanning laser beams, or a floating 3D logo or text.

We recommend reading our article 3D Laser Shows. It will cover all you need to know about the different methods, and the equipment you would need to create your own 3D laser effects.

Wanting to get your own laser projector?

Pangolin offers a wide variety of different laser projectors that are perfect for any sporting event. If you're not sure what you want, or what you need, our dedicated sales team will help you find the best laser to accommodate your needs.

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