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Entertainment lasers in use at a nightclub

When you hear the words “Laser Beam”, you probably think of something such as a little handheld laser you played with as a kid, or maybe a laser used for medical or industrial applications.

Though these are ways that lasers are commonly used, lasers have steadily become a more predominant piece of equipment that is used across the entertainment industry.

Lasers for Entertainment Applications

Commonly referred to as “Laser Projectors” or “Laser Light Projectors”, these entertainment lasers are sophisticated devices that are controlled using dedicated laser control hardware from either a PC or lighting console, allowing you to project all types of laser light effects.

Front and back of entertainment lasers

laser light show projector is a device that is built with a bunch of small components that when put together, can be used to project and manipulate laser light in fun and artistic ways. 

Lasers are typically bright, bold, and beautiful by nature, which is why they stand out over typical lighting fixtures. Not to mention, lasers aren’t limited to projecting a specific gobo or effect, they’re extremely versatile. Making them capable for virtually any event.

What Entertainment Lasers Do I Need?

It's important that you know what kind of laser projector you’d need for a specific display, as not all lasers will be perfectly capable for each and every event.

 Entertainment lasers being used at a large show

To help you understand all the in’s and out’s of purchasing a laser light show projector, we wrote an in-depth guide that will walk through all the little details you should know and understand when buying a laser projector.

Chick here to read the guide:

If you’re still not sure or would rather have a professional consult you on the purchase of your first laser projector, get in touch with us.

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