Club Lasers

Green aerial laser beams inside of nightclub

What is a Club Laser?

Club lasers are a collection of laser show systems that are designed to be used in specific venues such as clubs, pubs, bars, and more.

Club series lasers are designed to be simple to operate laser show systems, which allow users to easily create an abundance of laser effects, such as aerial beam effects, graphics, logos, text, and more.

One of the most common features that night club lasers have is auto-mode, which allow you to set your club laser lighting to automatically produce effects to the music, or in a continuous play, without needing anyone to control the system. You can just “set it and forget it”.

Club Laser Examples

Club laser example 1 Club laser example 2 Club laser example 3

Buying a Club Laser

The average club laser light show system is a low, to medium powered laser (as typical nightclubs aren’t large enough to need high amount of power) ranging from around 1W, up to 10W in power, with the average being around 3W.

Most club lasers are budget friendly systems, which do not require a ton of maintenance, and are designed to handle dusty and moderately rough environments.

Pangolin and KVANT lasers offer a wide array of budget friendly club laser light systems, that won’t break the bank, yet are still sturdy and powerful allowing you to create incredible laser show effects.

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