Drive-In Laser Shows

Video example of a drive-in laser show

Video by Pinnacle Laser Productions | "Eclipse" Laser Show

It’s time to ditch the movies and bring out the beams! Lasers for Drive-Ins are a big hit right now, as it gives people a fun and affordable way to bring back some of the thrill from live events, while maintaining proper safety within the comfort of your own car.

Drive in laser shows provide an amazing alternative to your standard movie night, allowing you to witness the latest work from different laser artists, but in a fun and unique way with tons of different laser effects, all in a way that is perfectly safe and great for those of all ages.

Various companies such as Pinnacle Laser Productions, have hosted a drive-in laser light show that feature effects such as laser graphics/animations and beam shows. Read our blog post "Lasers for Drive-Ins" here:

What kind of laser system do you need?

Drive-In Laser Show by Pinnacle Laser Productions

Image by Pinnacle Laser Productions | "Lasers For Drive-Ins"

It really depends, as the desired brightness from a show laser system, type of control hardware, and components inside tend to vary between each model/kind of laser system.

There are tons of different options to select from, if you were to pick the wrong laser it could end up costing you money. So if you're inexperienced, we highly suggest contacting a professional to help you find the best laser show projector for your needs.

Get in touch with our trained professionals who can help you find the best laser system for your event:

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