Show Lasers

Show Lasers (also called “Laser Show Projectors”) are used to project laser light effects at numerous amount of events such as large shows, festivals, concerts, productions, and more.

So exactly is a show laser projector? And what kind you should buy for your events and production. In this blog post, we'll break down the essential components you'll need to look for when using Show Lasers.

If you're new to show lasers systems, and aren’t sure what a show laser is, or how it works, check out our blog post "What is a Laser Light Projector" to gain more insight on how these systems work to create laser light.

Laser Show Equipment | Laser Show Control Hardware


An essential part of finding the right show laser, is deciding what type of laser show control hardware you want to use, and making sure it fits your desired workflow.

For example, if your entire show is being controlled from a lighting console using the ArtNET protocol, then you'll need a laser that has the appropriate laser control hardware to operate using that protocol, such as Pangolin’s FB4 Control Hardware.

Pangolin's FB4 Control Hardware allows you to control your laser using a variety of control protocols such as ArtNET, DMX, ILDA, OSC, and more.

Laser Show Control Hardware can be installed directly inside a laser projector, which is most laser design and lighting professionals prefer, or it can be used externally such as Pangolin’s FB3QS Control Hardware.

The major benefit to having the laser show equipment preinstalled installed allows you to eliminate any headache of setting up extra devices or running a bunch of extra cable to connect and power extra devices.

Moving forward, let's discuss what to look for to make sure that your laser will be able to display the type of laser content you want. 

Show Laser Content & Effects

There are a ton of laser effects and types of laser shows that you can create. However, to properly project certain kinds of content there are components inside a show laser projector that need to meet certain criteria to ensure they’re fast and reliable enough to produce the effects you want.

Important Show Laser Components

▶ Scanner / Galvos
▶ Modules / Diodes
▶ Laser Show Control Hardware
▶ Quality Construction & Internal Parts

It is essential to make sure that your show laser has quality internal components to drive the system, otherwise you’re going to be unsatisfied with the results.

To help you know what to look for and what to stay away from, we’ve created a “Show Laser Purchasing Guide” that goes in depth on the key components inside of a show laser. If you’re interested in purchasing any laser show equipment or laser show system here soon, we’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Show Laser Permanent Installs | Indoor & Outdoor

Our last piece of advice is to make sure that your show laser is well constructed, allowing it to hold up in any environment you choose to install or run it in.

For example, all of our laser projectors come standard with an IP54 rating but can be fitted with either weather resistant or weatherproof casings to protect it from good ole mother nature. And for colder environments, it can be equipped with an internal heating device allowing you to monitor and safeguard the lasers internals.

If you’re looking to get a show laser system for a permanent install, make sure the system is built in a weatherproof housing like our Logolas series of lasers, or can be fitted with the proper outdoor laser protection necessary to keep your system safe.

We know that is a lot of information to take in, which is why we created our Get-A-Quote Page, which will allow you to input what you're looking for in a laser projector, and then our sales experts will find the best laser to suit your needs.

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