Laser Show at the Scottsbluff National Monument

"To produce a laser show with this much complexity, our choice for laser show control software is Pangolin BEYOND, which allowed us to utilize their distributed scanning technologies, which this show would have been exceedingly difficult to preform without.

Since we were going to be laser mapping, and projecting laser graphics on the dark rock of the National Monument, we also needed several high-power lasers, which lead us to use three of KVANT’s Spectrum 20-Watt lasers. Knowing the power that these lasers can output, together they would easily be able provide the perfect amount of brightness and give us the quality we needed to put together a show of this caliber.

Although BEYOND would easily help us achieve what we wanted from such a complicated setup, pairing the use of Pangolin’s software with their built-in FB4 controllers helped us obtain an unparalleled level of quality, and played a large role in overall success of the show." - Shane Martz, with Dynamic FX.

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