Lasers For Weddings

If there is any day in your life that is meant to truly memorable, it's your wedding. Lasers are a great way to create remarkable memories, that captivate your guests, helping to give you one of the most beautiful and sensational days of your life.

Why choose lasers for your wedding?

Wedding Aerial Lasers 2

Laser light is unique and diverse, unlike standard lighting fixtures, laser projectors have the ability to create an array of different effects. One moment, you could be dancing with your true love under a beautiful glowing sky, then the next, partying the night away to epic laser shows.

Not to mention, it may only take a single laser projector to make a HUGE IMPACT on your wedding. Which means you can save money on the cost of big lighting setups, and focus on creating your dream wedding.

Dance underneath beautiful glowing laser light

One of the most common types of effects you'll find being used at weddings are aerial laser effects, these can include beams, fans, tunnels, and one of the most popular for weddings, liquid sky effects.

Aerial lasers are a great way to easily grab everyone's attention, while providing a unique and gorgeous look, making your wedding day truly remarkable and unforgettable.

Wedding Aerial Lasers 3
Wedding Aerial Lasers 4
Wedding Aerial Lasers

Project laser text,
like the bride and grooms name across a large area

laser graphics for weddings

With laser text, you can display any kind of message, on virtually any flat surface! Simply type in the message you're wanting to be displayed, then witness the bright and beautiful result of high definition laser text.

If you want to get creative, you can use our QuickText animation tool , found inside either of our laser show design software, to achieve all sorts of different text effects.

Project animated content, logos,
or even a laser image of the bride and groom

Wedding laser show

If you like lighting gobos, then you'll surely fall in love with laser graphics and animated content! Unlike standard gobos, lasers can produce animated content, like an animation of the bride and groom dancing, or hand-drawn graphics of the bride and grooms initials displayed in custom made bright and bold letters.

Since lasers are controlled through software on a computer, it's easy to change between the various laser content, all at the push of a button. Which eliminates the need to change out any small metal gobos.

We have lasers to fit all your wedding-related needs!

Lasers for weddings spectrum laser

It all sounds exciting right?! It's time to take the next step and find the right lasers for your wedding. Pangolin offers a wide selection of different laser projectors, so no matter the size or location (indoors or outdoors), we've got a laser that will fit your needs.

We also offer laser rentals, which means you don't have to worry about purchasing a laser projector. You can just rent it for the days you need it, and you'll be all ready to go!

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