DJ Lasers

blue laser beams projecting over crowd

It’s party time! If you’re looking to add something that will amp up the energy of your events, bring you even more clientele, and make you the #1 pick over your competitors, then you need lasers!

Alright, we admit that was a bit of a cheesy pitch, but at no point were we kidding about any of it. Laser light show projectors have become increasingly more popular for DJs, and clubs across the world over the last few years, as the cost of production to manufacture the products has dropped exponentially.

Since the technology has evolved, DJs and nightclub owners have a much wider range of possibilities, with advanced laser control hardware that allows users to control their laser projectors directly from a PC, a lighting console using DMX or ArtNET, or in a standalone mode where the laser automatically plays back.

So, you might be wondering, what benefit does a club laser bring over a typical lighting fixture?

The Benefits of Club Lasers
dj lasers being used at clozee dj event

1. DJ Lasers Give You More Versatility!

One of the HUGE downsides to typical lighting fixtures is that they’re limited. This could be by the amount of effects they produce, or way they can be controlled. Either way, this means that they cannot provide benefits to all types of events.

This is where laser projectors SHINE!

back of dj laser showing laser show control hardware

Many dj laser lights found today feature advanced laser control hardware such as our FB4 media server, that give “life” to the laser system, allowing for a variety of different laser control methods.

Different types of laser control include:

  • Direct control via PC using Ethernet
  • DMX or ArtNET Mode
  • ILDA Mode
  • Standalone Mode

The fun doesn’t stop there...

2. So many different types of laser effects!

dj lasers used at high school dance in the dark dj lasers used at high school dance in the dark dj lasers used at high school dance in the dark

You can create a plethora of different effects with laser projectors, which could be thought as “Laser Gobos”.

These laser gobos are usually created using software such as QuickShow or BEYOND, and then sent directly to the laser for projection, or saved to the internal memory of laser control hardware provided your laser has it, to be played back from a lighting console or in standalone mode.

Here are just a few examples of the different types of laser effects you can create:

  • Beam shows
  • Laser fans and tunnels
  • Liquid Skies
  • Laser Graphics, Images, and Logos
  • And more!

Learn about the different types of laser shows and effects:

3. Stand BRIGHT & BOLD Over Your Competitors

bright and bold dj lasers graphic

Lasers are versatile, produce a ton of effects, and do it all in a bright and bold fashion.

This makes it easy to capture the attention of your audience, creating an incredible experience that has people coming back again and again.

So clients ask what makes you better than your competitors, just show them a few photos or videos your dj/club laser lights, and you’ll always have the upper hand!

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