The Mining Museum in Heilbronn, Germany wanted to create a multimedia show inside of their mine, to present their “old drifts” in a new and artistic way. So the team at HB-Laser was brought in to implement the entire project.

Being that this salt mine is located underground and lacks a lot of the conventional electrical infrastructure needed to create a full show production, this specific installation presented some unique challenges.

However, the innovative team at HB-Laser saw through the challenge, and used a custom configuration of touch Screens, interactive projection displays as well as laser light projections, to bring the Mining Museum back to life. Pangolin’s FB3SE hardware was an integral part in this setup, and was used to trigger the laser show remotely, without the need for a dedicated PC.

Show tech

One LightCube Professional 840 with 3.5W of RGB power was used for this installation, with laser control being provided from Pangolin’s FB3SE hardware platform.

Ohio Star Ball 2018
Laser Show at the Scottsbluff National Monument