Halloween Lasers & Lighting Effects

Halloween, a Holiday which has been celebrated hundreds of years, where many people participate in all sorts of various fun activities from Trick-or-Treating, costume parties, to all night long horror movie marathons.

But you already know that part, let’s get to the real reason why you’re here, decorations! Personally, it’s our favorite part of Halloween.

It’s the perfect time to let out your inner ghouls with scary and fun-filled decorations. Though sometimes, it’s hard to find the right kind of decorations that fit your needs.


Maybe you’re looking for something that’s versatile yet adds a bit of “flair” or a scary chill down your spine. Then we’ve got something you’ll like.

LASERS! We aren’t talking about your typical garden-based lasers that shine red and green dots on your house, we’re talking about the kind of lasers that can project full fledged graphics, animations, text, and awesome laser shows.

Take a look at our blog post “What is a laser projector” to learn more about laser projectors, and how they work

So, what all can these lasers do for my Halloween decorations? Thanks for asking, we’d be glad to show you!

Project Spooky Laser Gobos on Trees, Walls, or Houses.

Carving pumpkins and creating your own decorations is fun and all, but it’s very time consuming. For a lot of people, it can be hard to manage especially when you’ve got a busy lifestyle.


Instead of making decorations, you can cut down on the stress of having to hand-make decorations by simply projecting them on a tree, wall, or house! Basically, any flat surface you can find (within reason of course) can be used as a projection surface for all sorts of graphics or animations.

Now how cool is that? Within seconds, you’re projecting high quality laser content anywhere you choose. For the creatives who love to do it themselves, you can even design your own content using laser control software such as QuickShow or BEYOND to give your decorations a more personalized touch.


Aerial Lasers For Your Halloween Party!


What’s worse than going to a boring party? Hosting one a boring one… We’ve all been to a party that was a complete flop, so give your guests something unique and exciting to see.

Laser show projectors are a great addition to help set the perfect atmosphere for any Halloween party. There are a ton of different type of laser shows and effects that you can use to project at your party, though the most common tend to be “Aerial Laser Effects”.

These aerial laser effects come in a variety of forms such as beams, fans, tunnels, and liquid sky’s – seen as the most popular aerial laser effect for Halloween parties. It's a great way to help set the mood, whether you want to creep out your visitors, or hype them up, you can never go wrong with aerial lasers.

Learn more about the different types of laser shows and effects you can create.
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Adding “Flair” To Your Haunted House.

Reign of tower haunted house picture

Picture of Green Lasers from Reign of Terror's Haunted House

Laser show technology is being used at haunted houses all around the world, our technology has even been used at the world famous Halloween Horror Nights!

This is because lasers are a great addition for any haunted houses, or haunted tours. Given that lasers are such versatile tools, you're able to take bits of pieces of effects like graphics or aerial effects (like seen above) and implement those effects to really add to the horror and create the unsettling feeling you're looking for.

Here are just a few of the ways that you could use lasers in your own Haunted House:

- Scary liquid sky (as seen the in photo above)
- Jump scare graphics
Chilling laser projection mapping (for bringing out the horrifying details)
- RGB Accent Lighting
- Laser Web (using our optical bench upgrade)
- And much more!

Creativity is key, the possibilities you can create are virtually endless. Lasers are extremely versatile, providing you with a nearly endless stream of content that could be used for any Holiday, not just Halloween.

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