Laser Mapping | Understanding The Effect

Laser Mapping on building

Laser mapping has emerged as one of the hottest effects being created in the lighting design and architectural scene. 

The Pangolin team has been hard at work, trying to make laser mapping easier for lighting designers and artists around the world.

To accomplish this, we have designed a new laser scanning system called the Saturn and Compact-506, that can be integrated into laser projector or laser effect system offered through Pangolin. 

These new scanning systems allow laser effects to be projected across exponentially wider angles, thus allowing artists to create much more complex laser mapping displays.

Laser Mapping on building

When combined with new design and geometric correction tools in their industry leading BEYOND laser show software, lighting professionals can now quickly and easily trace out and map out any sort of building, structure, or object you can imagine, in gorgeous laser light.

Those laser effects can also be synchronized with other multimedia elements (such as video, timecode, DMX lighting, etc.) for choreographed shows. 

As a result, the popularity of laser mapping events is exploding globally, and we’re seeing the effect used widely across the industry – from permanent installations at hotels, and theme parks, to high profile tours and concerts.   

Laser Mapping Tutorial

To help you learn, and understand laser mapping, we've brought in Pangolin Certified Trainer, Lyra Letourneau, who takes you inside of our BEYOND software, and teaches you all of the essential knowledge you need to become a master at laser mapping

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