How to control your lasers from an Avolites lighting console

Avolites and Pangolin Laser Systems with Kvant Lasers in Background

Our partners at Kvant Lasers UK and Avolites have been working together to create a seamless integration between laser projectors, and their professional lighting desks, utilizing Pangolin's FB4 control hardware and laser content pack v1.0 (aka FB4 Beam Content Pack).

In this thorough tutorial, you will be walked through the entire setup process on controlling your laser show projector from an Avolites console. From setting up to the laser projector, to putting together a laser light show.

If you'd prefer a text based tutorial, rather than the video, check out the blog post from Kvant Lasers UK.

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Additional Videos & Content

We've also created several other tutorials that help walk you through the steps to control your laser from a lighting console, you can find a few below and much more on our YouTube Channel.

What is a Laser Light Show Projector?