Getting The Best Christmas Laser

Lasers are the perfect all-in-one solution for Christmas decorations. With the ability to create such a wide variety of different laser effects, you're left with an endless possibly of different solutions, the only limiting factor is your imagination. 

Merry Christmas Laser

Photo credits to Tobias Gebuhr

    How Do I Decide On The Right Laser Projector?

    Below are a few products that we thought might be perfect for the use of Christmas decorations, and other Christmas related activities. However, if you're wanting to find a laser system that is perfectly tailored to your needs, visit our contact page: Click Here

    • ClubMAX 3000 FB4: The best all-in-one. The ClubMAX 3000 is the perfect all around laser projector. Whether you're wanting to create complex laser graphics, or want to laser map out an object or building, the ClubMAX can do it all.
    • LogoLas 1800 FB4: Great permanent solution. Our LogoLas series of laser projectors was designed to be versatile, and perfect for outdoor solutions. Projecting Christmas graphics and text are no problem, and with the waterproof casing, weather won't be an issue.
    • Tour Hazer II S: Truly create a magical experience. A 1,500W, water-based haze machine, that truly brings out the beauty in the lasers, and can provide a great haze effect to bring out the lighting in most environments.


    How Can I Create My Own Christmas Laser Effects?Rudolph Rain Deer Drawn In Laser

    Photo credits to Pieterjan Ruysch

     QuickShow Laser Show Software, World's Easiest To Use!

    QuickShow is perfect for anyone who is looking to create amazing Christmas content with ease. Below you will find all of our tutorial videos on how to use QuickShow software, and since QuickShow is provided for FREE with all Pangolin hardware control devices, you will be creating the content you desire in no time!

    QuickShow Tutorial Videos

    Further Information

    For any other questions, and inquires about our products, please visit our contact page, we look forward to hearing from you! To visit our contact page, click here

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