What is an ILDA Laser?


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ILDA History

ILDA, or the International Laser Display Association, is an organization that has been around for a long time, their purpose is to promote and advance the application of laser displays in all environments.

ILDA sets the industry standards for all types of laser shows in general, while also promoting everything from the advancement of laser artistry, the increasing of public awareness and safety, and more.

What is an ILDA Laser?

Explaining the ILDA laser connection.

An ILDA laser is a type of laser projector that uses an ILDA connection for control, on the back of the laser. The “ILDA port” is defined as a “DB-25 Connector”, which is a 25-pin port on the back of the laser. The ILDA laser receives a signal through the “ILDA IN”, or male port, (which simply means the prongs on the connector are sticking out) from a piece of laser show control hardware.

Back in the day, you used to be able to purchase DB-25 connectors and cables at a wide variety of stores, which is one of many reasons why ILDA chose it as the golden standard. However, with the release of modern laser show control hardware, ILDA connectors and cables have become a lot harder to find in general public stores, and it’s become more of a burden to users than it is helpful.

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ILDA Laser Limitations

Though ILDA has been very common in the laser light show industry for a long time, and still continuous to be used, it does have quite a few limitations.

  • ILDA cables can be troublesome to run, due to its size weight, and the overall “thickness” of the cable itself.
  • Performing shows with multiple laser projectors can be troublesome, not only because of the large amounts of ILDA cable, but you cannot independently control more than one ILDA laser at a time without need several pieces of laser control hardware.
  • The recommended maximum run of an ILDA cable is 150ft. After 150ft, you may start to lose signal, thus resulting in a lower quality output resolution.

Purchasing “The Best ILDA Laser Projector”


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When it comes to purchasing an ILDA laser show projector, there isn’t really a “best ILDA laser”, rather on your needs and requirements for your shows.

To help you learn more about purchasing a laser show projector, we’ve written a laser purchasing guide that you can read here: https://lasershowprojector.com/blogs/education/laser-projector-purchasing-guide

That is why Pangolin and Kvant lasers is here! We offer a wide variety of ILDA lasers, tailored to specifically fit your needs. If you’re not sure what to buy, or can’t choose which laser is best for you, then let us help!

Visit our GET A QUOTE page to get in contact with our specially training sales team who can help you find the best ILDA laser projector for your events.

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