Matrix Laser "See Humanity in a New Light"

Back in November of 2017, Matrix Laser announced the Grand Opening of the Louvre. Showing laser projections on the Abu Dhabi’s Al Bahr Towers and Al Ain Jahili Fort, in part of the grand opening. 

To achieve such clarity in the text, Matrix Laser used a revolutionary technology called "Distributed Scanning" offered in Pangolin's BEYOND 4.0.

Distributed scanning

  • Allows for decreased flicker
  • Increased brightness
  • Overall increased frame rate

If you're interested in learning more about Distributed Scanning and BEYOND 4.0, we will hosting our annual PUG (Pangolin User Group) Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. For more information visit:

Overview of BEYOND 4.0

Distributed Scanning Tutorial by Pieterjan Ruysch

Graphic laser show
Graphic laser show
Graphic laser show

Laser Show at the Scottsbluff National Monument
24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi