ILDA Award Winning Laser Shows | By Theo Petrides

One word, PHENOMENAL! There is no hiding the fact that Theo Petrides is an amazing laser show designer. If you've never heard of Theo, he's a well known name through out the the laser industry, showing off his skills over the last few years of his award winning laser shows, while keeping an active role in the laser community.

This time around at the ILDA awards, Theo not only won the third place award for the single laser show, but also won first place for the multi-laser show category as well! With his shows Activate and Lakes of Flame, both of which can be seen above.

Laser Show Technology

Both shows were made using Pangolin's BEYOND software and projected using one of our most popular lasers, the KVANT ClubMAX 3000 FB4, as well as the DiscoScan Lens 2.0 during the multi-projector laser show.

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