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Why go to the drive-in to watch a typical movie, when instead you could be watching an amazing laser show? That's exactly the idea that Andrew Dranetz at Pinnacle Laser Productions had, when he and the team at Vivid Event Productions put together an incredible "Drive-In Laser Show" at the Falmouth Drive-In, in Falmouth, Massachusetts. 

The event allowed viewers to experience an incredible laser show from the safety and comfort of their own vehicle, helping to promote social distancing recommendations, while still being able to provide the thrill of being at a live laser light show.

Laser Show Technology

The show featured several different laser show projectors that were supplied and controlled by Andrew Dranetz at Pinnacle Laser Productions, using Pangolin's Beyond software.

All of the laser graphics/animations in the show were made by the well-known Mike Dunn in Pangolin Beyond, and were projected using the Kvant Atom 30 equipped with the Motorized Dichroic Filters and ScannerMAX Saturn 5 upgrade, "which makes beam alignment a snap!" - Andrew.

Laser Light Show by Pinnacle Laser Productions of Pink Floyd's "Eclipse".

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