Lasers For Corporate Events

Looking to put on a huge display to impress your corporate clients? Or maybe you want to create a bunch of advertisements that are new, bold, and exciting. Then lasers are the perfect tool for you, helping to give you that "Wow" factor to your events.

Why are lasers good for corporate events?

Corporate laser show with aerial laser beams and 3D laser text

Imagine... your company is about to launch a brand new product, and you create a mixture of beautiful laser graphics and aerial beam effects for a remarkable unveiling. Or you want to show off your latest innovation at your next convention, so to make it stand out you use laser mapping effects to define and highlight all of the important parts.

Maybe you want to display a few public advertisements, with bright and bold HD laser text alongside your companies logo for a stunning laser display.

With lasers all of this is possible, in an effort to help you stand out from your competitors in a truly fascinating and unique way.

Let's check out the different types of effects you can create with lasers

LDI Las Vegas Pangolin and Kvant lasers

  1. Lasers Shows (Beam shows, laser fans, liquid skies, and more)
  2. Laser Graphics (including text, images, and beautiful animations)
  3. Laser Logo's (great for displaying your company's logo is a truly spectacular way!)
  4. 3D Laser Animations
  5. Laser Mapping Effects
  6. Interactive Laser Shows

How do I find the right laser for my corporate event?

KVANT laser projectors

There many different types of laser projectors to choose from, and finding the right one that fits your event and budget starts to feel like a bit of a chore. That is why Pangolin is here to help! 

Pangolin has a dedicated team of laser experts that is working around the clock to make sure to help customers just like you, find the laser projector that fits all of your needs.

Contact us using the form below, we are always happy to help!

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