Laser graphics and abstracts

What are laser graphics and abstracts?

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Quick Overview

Laser graphics and abstracts can be created using digital laser control and design software, such as Pangolin's QuickShow software or Pangolin's BEYOND software, which allow you to import or create custom content such as text, logos, animations, and more.

Laser graphics and abstract are a very fun and popular effect used by many to bring their designs to life in laser! Whether you want to project your company's logo bright and bold for the world to see, or project the names of a newlywed couple overhead during their wedding, the potential possibilities are endless.

What is a laser graphic?

A laser graphic is any sort of graphical art, whether it be text, logos, images traced in laser, etc, that is projected from a laser show projector. This technically includes laser abstracts, but because of the differences in the visual representation of abstract art, laser abstract takes its own category.

What is a laser abstract?

A laser abstract is a graphic that uses shapes, forms, colors, and textures to form a visual representation.

How can I create laser graphics and abstracts?

If you don't own a laser projector and are new to lasers as a whole, we highly recommend getting in touch with our sales team first, our trained laser experts can make sure you're getting right laser for your needs.

The Pangolin Wiki is the best resource for finding educational content on Pangolin's BEYOND and QuickShow software. Click the button below to check it out now!

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What lasers are good for graphics and abstracts?

Not sure what laser to get that will fit your needs? Get in contact with one of our specialized laser experts who can help you find a laser system that is tailor fitted to your specific requirements. Fill out the form below to get in touch now!