Laser graphics and abstracts

What are laser graphics and abstracts?

Laser graphics are very fun and popular laser effect that comes in several variations, including graphics and images, logos, text, laser abstracts, 3D laser projections, and even full blown graphical animations. Laser graphics are actually quite similar to a normal digital graphic, except that it's being projected from a laser system onto a surface, instead of being viewed on a digital screen.

What is a laser abstract? In essence, a laser abstract is a type of laser graphic, but it's visual representation follows normal abstract art. Meaning the laser abstracts come in shapes, forms, and colors to create the "visual language"

With many of the powerful tools found in QuickShow and BEYOND, importing or creating custom content like logos, is extremely easily. You can learn how to start creating your own custom content by visiting the Pangolin Wiki, the source for all of our educational material.

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What lasers do I need for laser mapping?