Sky Laser Shows

What are sky laser shows?

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Quick Overview

Sky laser shows are designed for high profile architectural lighting, such as the installation seen at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Florida, and are great for highlighting a building, structure, or event.

What is a sky laser?

Sky lasers, which are also called sky beam lasers, landmark lasers, space lasers, or even long distance aerial lasers, are a product that was specifically designed for long range aerial beam laser projections. Sky laser system are built to be very powerful, enough to produce a laser beam that can be seen across vast distances (up to several miles/kilometers away). Powers offered for these laser systems range up to 1,000W or 1KW! Want to learn more about Sky lasers? Click the button below.

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Are sky lasers different than other laser systems?

Sky laser systems can be figured with a whole range of options, from a full XY scanning, to full color RGB, so then what makes them different? Sky lasers are designed to be extremely durable, with everything being build inside of a very high quality housing (with optional climate control) that is prepared to deal with the weather all year round. Sky lasers are usually intended for permanent installations since the housing for the systems are large and heavy, making it quite inefficient to continually try and move the system often.

What lasers are good for sky laser shows?

Not sure what laser to get that will fit your needs? Get in contact with one of our specialized laser experts who can help you find a laser system that is tailor fitted to your specific requirements. Fill out the form below to get in touch now!