Kvant Burstberry lasers

Burstberry Lasers - Modular based laser systems, that allow you to create packs of lasers, in different shapes.

The Burstberry is one of the world's first modular laser show systems. The Burstberry laser show system is designed to function as multi-head laser projector, and can be assembled into virtually any geometrical formation, allowing you to create a virtually endless amount of new effects.

Burstberry is a powerful Full Color RBG laser show projection system, 2.4 times brighter than any of the comparable laser systems on the market, and with a cluster of Burstberries, offer a hard to beat graphical performance.

Burstberry isn’t just a powerful laser projector. It’s also built with a bright LED Blinder, a rotating diffraction grating effect with swappable patterns, and a customized version of Pangolin’s FB4 Control Hardware allowing you to control the laser via ARTNET or Streaming-Mode.

And when you want even more, we also provide optional upgrades and accessories such as the SafetyScan Lens, Microwheel Grating Set, and more.

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