Welcome to a new dimension in laser light

Welcome to a new dimension
in laser light

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What is BeamBrush?

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BeamBrush is an optical scanning system that continually increases, or decreases, the divergence of a laser’s beam in real-time. In a partnership with Kvant, we integrated BeamBrush into an entirely custom laser system to ensure the highest possible quality, and performance.

What can you do with BeamBrush?

Below are images with sliders that allow you to compare what a laser looks like without BeamBrush, and what it looks like with BeamBrush.

To start, click the circle in the middle of the image, then drag left or right to see the beforem, and after, differences.

Audience scanning

Enhance your audience scanning experience. With BeamBrush, you can increase, and decrease, the divergence of your laser's beam in real time. Allowing you to operate your laser projector, like a normal lighting fixture.

Beam Effects

BeamBrush gives you instant zoom, wash, waving and positioning functions with your laser system. Providing a whole new persepctive on the way that you can create beam effects.

Laser gobos & lighting

Truly paint, with laser light. Go from the thin, tight, natural look of a laser beam, instantly to the look of a classical moving head. Making BeamBrush an incredible laser system, digitial moving head, and beam lighting fixture, all-in-one!

Laser graphics & abstracts

BeamBrush takes the creation of graphical laser content (such as graphics, animations, abstracts, etc) to a whole new level. Allowing you to add depth, dimension, and create breathtaking laser art, unlike never before.

See BeamBrush in action!

Click one of the images below, to watch a video of BeamBrush in action.

Laser Beam Show

Single Laser Beam Show

Graphic Laser Show

Abstract Laser Show

Hear what people have to say about BeamBrush

Hear what people have to
say about BeamBrush

Before the release of BeamBrush, we reached out to several professionals across the laser and lighting industry, to get their personal feedback on our BeamBrush laser systems.