Audience Scanning Laser Shows

What is audience scanning?

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Quick Overview

What some may consider the "holy grail" of laser effects, audience scanning is the act of intentionally projecting laser light into the audience, allowing the audience to actively interact with the laser light.

What are audience scanning lasers?

An audience scanning laser system is a certified laser show projector that can legally and safety perform audience scanning laser shows. In the United States, for a laser projector to become audience scanning certified it will need Pangolin's PASS hardware installed. PASS is the only FDA approved audience scanning safety system in the United States.

How can I perform audience scanning effects?

To safety and legally perform audience scanning laser shows there are several rules and steps you must follow to ensure your show is compliant.

Many of these safety rules are specific to the United States, but are generally applicable anywhere in the world.
  • Your laser projector must be fitted with Pangolin's PASS hardware.
  • You will need to obtain your LSO (Laser Safety Operator) license, or hire a LSO.
  • You will need a light meter (such as the ILT2500) and the knowledge of accurately measuring and modifying the output of power from a laser system.

These are a few of the general requirements. If you're interested in creating your own audience scanning laser shows, get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

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What is Pangolin's PASS?

Pangolin's PASS, which stands for "Professional Audience Safety System", is a patented hardware device that is integrated inside a laser light show projector for use in audience scanning laser shows. PASS is a great tool to assist users who want to maintain the highest level of safety for their audience scanning laser shows.

How can I get PASS?

Pangolin's PASS hardware is only approved for install by specific laser projector manufacturers. If you're interested in purchasing a laser show system with Pangolin's PASS inside, you can get in contact with us here.

What lasers are good for audience scanning effects?

Not sure what laser to get that will fit your needs? Get in contact with one of our specialized laser experts who can help you find a laser system that is tailor fitted to your specific requirements. Fill out the form below to get in touch now!