Laser Mapping

What is laser mapping?

Laser mapping is a type of effect used to highlight an area, features of an object, provide light or color to an area, or to alter perspective to fit a view you're trying to achieve. This could be something as simple as outlining the edges of a building and creating a laser show from it to attract customers to your business, to something such as coloring an area with laser light to portray a feeling or theme of an event.

What lasers do I need for laser mapping?

There is no "one laser fits all", so there is no direct answer, as it will depend on the requirements of your specific event/need. For example, if you're looking to create a simple outline on a building, you may only one or two medium to high power laser systems, but if you're trying to highlight a ton of specific areas on a structure, you may need several laser systems in distributed scanning to efficiently create the effect you want.

For those who might want a more "generic" answer, here is a very simple outline of laser system you might choose for laser mapping. We highly suggest contacting our sales team if you're new or inexperienced, as selecting the right laser system can sometimes be challenging.

  • Unity lasers and Kvant Clubmax series; good for small to medium size structures
  • Kvant Logolas; good to small to medium size outdoor structures and installs
  • Kvant Atom and Spectrum; good for medium to large structures and long distances projections