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Television and film are turning to lasers more and more, as an added special effect that can be incorporated into a visual production. Whether it is a televised concert or show, or a bespoke use case in a sci-fi movie or production, lasers offer an incredibly unique lighting element that helps captivate audiences. We offer a wide range of lasers, for all different types of television and film productions. Our systems offer meticulous color palette training and tuning, as well as frame rate optimization, so you can ensure the mood and set is dialed in just right.

Product Recommendations

For television and film projectors, we recommend contacting us directly to schedule a free consultation to review your specific use case.

This allows us to help you figure out which laser system would be fit your use case.

Wide range of systems.

We offer a wide range of systems, for all types of laser light displays. And we manufacture our systems to the highest quality standards, so they can withstand the rigors of production and install life.

Field tested to last.

Additionally, our lasers have been field tested to last – for years! Offering the highest lifespan of any laser systems in their class (20,000 hours or more). Outpacing, and outperforming anything else out there.

Climate-controlled housing.

We also offer climate-controlled housing and additional weather protection devices, for permanent outdoor applications or those operating in extreme conditions.

Industries longest warranty.

And we back this up with the longest warranty in the industry – a full two years on the laser sources and optical components.

Seamless Integration.

Don't waste your time, make integrating your laser system easy.

Our laser projectors support all of the standard industry lighting protocols (DMX, ArtNET, sACN, SMPTE Timecode and more).

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Imagine. Design. Create.

Create a virtually infinite stream of laser content with the world's easiest to use laser light show software.

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Why choose Pangolin?

We are a customer driven company who will always go the extra mile to make sure you receive the highest quality products with top notch support.

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Industry’s longest warranty.

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Complimentary training with your purchase.

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Free support for the lifetime of your product.

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Work hand in hand with our team of laser experts to find the laser system that suits your needs.