Laser Effect in Popular Indie Film 'Hereditary'

The recently released indie horror film “Hereditary” is well rated by some of the topic critics, and loved by many who are into slow burn horror movies. Shortly after the release of the film, Laser Artist Mike Gould, gave us some inside information as to how the creation of the mystery light “TinkerBell” come to be.

Mike Gould was contacted specifically by the Director of Photography, Pawel Pogorzelski. Pawel had a specific idea for an effect, in which Mike’s solution included “expensive lasers, software, and home-made photonic hardware”. Mike was equipped with a ClubMax 3000, laser show software BEYOND, and with two custom devices Mike created just for the movie.
Laser effect in horror movie Hereditary
At 1:39 in the movie trailer, you will see a “mystery light” that moves down the hallway, the effect known as “TinkerBell” because the light disappears and reappears various times throughout the movies. This effect was created with a scan-through device titled the "wobbulator". 

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